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     Although our new social media site has a .us that does not mean that we do not welcome any other country of origin.  Just use the translator on the top left corner to translate our chat forum.


     If you happen to have family, friends, coworkers, business associates or any other person that you would have a need or want to connect with from another country or speak a different language.  You can!


Enjoy your interactions on!  Here on our Chat Forum, Create a Post or Create A Group.


Plus all the options that you have in your profile to upload pictures, albums, music, videos, send messages and so much more.



Enjoy your interactions on
Latest Message: 6 months, 3 weeks ago
  • admin : Welcome to our new chat forum. Hope you enjoy your interactions on
  • guest_7948 : This site is amazing we all signed up a few days ago.
  • guest_6241 : Happy new year to everyone one! It's going to be a great new year.
  • Lisa : How is the ski season been in the northeast?
  • Lisa :
  • Bob V. : Lisa, I guess you found out about the Northeast ski season. Enjoy the snow!
  • Mark from Vermont : This is a social media site. If you go here is where the scrolling for the member's posts: Just like you see when you log in to other social media but, with more features!
  • From NorthCarolina : Great site many features!
  • Leslie from Michigan : Great new social media site! Not like the rest. Like the layout and functions.
  • guest_7147 : Glad to see a new social media option.
  • guest_5227 : So glad to see a new social media site! Tired of silicon valley.
  • guest_7619 : Amazing Site!
  • guest_1281 : So nice to find a site that does not have undesirable posts or profiles.
  • Frank : Great site for family. Just as a social media site should be.
  • Erin : Amazing! No fake accounts or spammers. Real people enjoying social media. Good clean fun!
  • Jenny : Great site, invite people you know to join.
  • Joe : Just found this site. Better than other social media sites.
  • guest_6136 : Nice social media site for your entire family.
  • guest_5852 : More people should join.
  • Site Admin (Moderator) : We are happy to see that everyone is enjoying
  • Site Admin (Moderator) : Thank you for becoming part of our social media site and your kind comments.
  • Betty : Like it, no ads, no offense content or people. Keep up the good work!
  • guest_7505 : Great social media site. Like to see one that does not have rude or disrespectful posts.
  • guest_4130 : Love it! Best social media site for families.
  • Adam : You should join. Its a great site!
  • guest_1568 : Wow ! This social media site can translate in any language. I can communicate with anyone in the world.
  • guest_3435 : Great site better than other social media sites!
  • guest_643 : Liked it. Great features. No bots or fake profiles.
  • guest_4501 : Great site to promote your music career. Even great site to use for dating.
  • guest_718 : Great site with your very own rss feed.
  • guest_232 : Great site with your very own rss feed
  • guest_9915 : I like how this is a respectful platform. Seems the filters and moderation are doing a great job. Would recommend.
  • guest_9777 : Better than other social media sites.
  • Jenn : Liked it!
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